D’Agostino’s Art Brand & Business: The Spiral Stone of Cape Cod


~;~ Nature & Spirituality Inspired Artwork

~;~  Therapeutic & Expressive Arts Classes

 ~;~  Artist Mentoring

~;~ Life Coaching  

~;~  Healing Arts 

The Spiral Stone of Cape Cod began in 2008 as a single necklace created in D’Agostino’s back then, public studio on Main Street Hyannis. Little did she know over the next 10 years that necklace would inspire a full business encompassing all of her passions. From her nature and spirituality inspired, multi-dimensional artwork, to a respected therapeutic & expressive arts program on the Cape,  to her artist mentoring program, life coaching sessions and even the development of her intuitive and healing arts specialties.

D’Agostino has truly created a unique genre on the Cape with many facets of interest. Regardless of which subject you might find yourself interested in, one thing is prominently clear in her business plan,  she has a divine focus and passion for positively inspiring and helping others.

How did this all come to be? Well I asked this curious question and D’Agostino explains that she herself could have never predicted her businesses evolution. That’s the magic she describes below.

“If you follow your passions and imagine your dreams in all their fruition…something happens…things just start to “pop up” and opportunities evolve. I am so grateful to have been able to follow my heart and vision and to trust that all would unfold just as it was meant to be. Now I get to pass on these inspirations to help others do the very same thing. We all have a journey to unfold. There is no right or wrong way to do this…just your way. This is actually something I say to all my students whenever stumped…it’s so true if you think about it. Of course there is skill development in no matter what direction you take, but you have to be interested in getting there and only you can know when that time is right. I use this phrase often to break down judgment when it is limiting potential. Overall,   I like to think that the more we develop our relationship within ourselves, the better we know how to identify what we need and what we don’t need in our lives. My teachings whether they be in art class, mentoring or life coaching all lead back to supporting this concept. Explore the self, express your findings and “follow your own unique path.” That’s a phrase my friend Hannah Sadosky often says “follow your own unique path.” It’s so true though…if you follow what truly makes you an original human being upon this Earth, that soul within your person,  you will find that your journey becomes thrilling, inspiring and will lead you to love and acknowledge the wonderful person that you are. This of course takes time and development but it is what has lead me to where I am today and evolving to evermore. This is what my work on Earth is all about and I love helping others do the same.”

D’Agostino has many websites that acknowledge the different parts of her business. She self runs all areas of her business which she admits is a little “crazy.”  From website development, marketing, creating classes, artwork, adding inventory to online store, retail stores and more, she says she sometimes gets behind in “updating.”  She does say she has an accountant to take some of the business number crunching out of it but she admits she still does her own bookkeeping! As you imagine she is always chasing time to update her sites… an evolving expression of the work she does.

See links below to explore the different aspects of Tessa’s business, The Spiral Stone of Cape Cod

Artwork: www.TessaDAgostino.wordpress.com 

Etsy Online Store: www.SpiralStoneOfCapeCod.etsy.com 

Teaching Methods: www.MakeInsideArt.com


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