Installation: Origins of Existence


“As you approach entry you’ll find yourself attracted to a warm earthen glow emanating from within the space. In some primitive form of knowing, you find yourself feeling peacefully at home as you approach. As you enter the space you hear the forest whisper soft unspoken words and in a deep feeling of peace you find yourself seated in contemplation. As you look up again at your surroundings you see across the room yourself looking back at you, but something is different. Your eyes awaken something in your heart and a deep sense of infinite grounding comes over you. Suddenly you are in the presence of your origin. An energy of no place or time. A deep gratitude for all that is. The you in us. The us in you.”-T.D’Agostino

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To learn more about the details and conceptual value of this installation please read the published article from Cape Cod Women Online by following this link

Poetic Artist Statement From Show:

Origins of Existence 

The origin of life, survival, warmth, community. A place of source, a place of power, a position of gratitude. Don’t forget the root of your dependency. This is the beginning and the eternal end…

 These woods hold many wise words. If you are quiet and listen, you just might hear truth whisper in your ear. If you close your eyes you just might see the origin of your very existence. Yes it seems true we’ve been born into some evolutionary prose, but in disorder have forgotten the very root of our dependency. The roots which feed the very breath we so automatically forget….

 Stop…   listen… can you hear it? Your heart,  it speaks in rhythmic beats. I hear your chant. I feel your circumstance release. Release what was, forget what’s to come and be here where I am waiting too. Waiting to find the truth.

 Truth can be many things and to each can be thy own. Perhaps at its core it’s the very moment of birth when time is clocked and life is marked. Or, maybe it goes further back than that…

A rewinding of stars and moons, suns and seasons.

 Maybe pure truth lies in the full gratitude of life, grounded in the timeless formation of molecular birth. From that very flame, that piece of sun so majestically at our fingertips. This source, an origin of existence on the land. A portal of divine sanctitude. Is this the place of finding one’s deepest truths?

 Let it go… let it all go and return to that moment. That moment when time stood still and you were in the company of truth… Your heart empties all things to heavy for your mind, Life renews, and your soul is reborn from many lifetimes ago. I know you now and I’ve missed you all these years.    –Tessa D’Agostino

Postcards from show 2014Tessa D'Agostino_Origins of Existence_Postcard Front_Pre-Installation Detail #1_2014Tessa D'Agostino_Origins of Existence_Postcard Back 2014

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