Making Waves: A Journey Through Thought

-by Tessa D'Agostino 3ftx5ft mixed media and written word
                                                                                                               -by Tessa D’Agostino 3ftx5ft mixed media and written word

When “making waves” we are creating our moments and leaving behind all that we do. For me, the theme “making waves” refers to the impressions we make, the energy we emit, and the things that we do and have done.

Physics defines a wave as a disturbance traveling through space and time. In this definition, the word “disturbance” refers to a change in an environment that would have remained at its current state unless otherwise affected.

One of my favorite types of waves is the energy wave. Our entire world is comprised of atoms each vibrating at their own speeds, and consequently giving off their own energy vibrations. Depending on the state of an object or living thing, its vibrational energy emits a direct reflection of it. This can change based on energetic relationships in an environment and consequently the energy waves being emitted.  Since all things are directly affected by their environment, it is important to be thoughtfully aware of the energy we surround ourselves with, and the “energy waves” we leave behind. It is this idea of the “wave” that inspires me most.

In all that we do, we emit the essence of our being. As energy bodies, we affect most everything and it affects us. For example, imagine a quiet room full of people waiting patiently for hours. Then someone walks in. Depending on how that person’s energy is perceived, the entire “internal” dynamic of the room begins to change. Even if no one says a word, the room is in a quiet, yet “thought- full” stir. Just like the physics definition of the wave, it is a “disturbance” in space/time. Each person begins their own inner thought process about who that person is, why they are late, what they look like, what their facial expressions might mean, etc.  Any of these observed and inner reactions may spark a personal tangent of thoughts. Maybe a person remembers their late father wore a similar tie when they were a child, or this gentleman reminds someone of their brother, or perhaps of someone who had negatively impacted their life. Consequently, the individual who walked into the room has his own perceptions of those who are already seated and their reactions. No matter the circumstance, this inner dialogue can go in any direction and directly affect ones individual state of being. This is one very simple example of “making waves”.  Our thoughts will directs us through many energetic changes but it is up to us to define what our desired state shall be.

If one grasps this idea of a sensitive existence, they may think of others before themselves and through practice become thoughtfully aware. They may take great care in being sure the “waves they make” are positive and sensitively played. A useful method in maintaining ones energetic presence is to become thought aware.

Millions and millions of thoughts will stir through the brain in one’s lifetime, each one affecting an individual’s energetic being, and over time their environment and everything in it. It is up to the individual to not allow their thoughts to be the dictator of their independent contentment. Meditation is one great way of learning thought control, another, the creative process. If one can learn to release all concepts of judgment and submerge themselves in the creative process, they will slowly find themselves suspended in their moments, tunneling through a sea of thoughts yet each at their grasp. In an attentive state of being one can begin to see their unique thought patterns which directly impact their state of being. This is an essential part of my personal creative process. It is this traveling and tunneling through an infinite moment, a “sea of thoughts” that I find my true self and define my journey.

As one begins to give strong attention to their presence and “the waves that they make”, one can begin to see much more clearly the state of their being.  What kind of thoughts effortlessly pour out of your cosmic brain pushing you further and further into the tunnel of your mind? What do you discover about yourself? What will you take ownership of and what will you leave behind? It is in these moments we obtain a better understanding of the true energy of our thoughts.  So be thoughtfully aware and infinitely present, for you are “making waves”.

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