Mother Nurture

Created exclusively for…

“Mutual Muses VI: A Marriage of Visual Art and Poetry”

Mar 27 – Apr 14, 2013
Mother Nurture _full front view2013
“Mother Nurture” A wood & wire, and found natural materials sculpture by Tessa D’Agostino
“Mutual Muses VI: A Marriage of Visual Art and Poetry”
50 artists were each randomly assigned a poem
and asked to create artwork inspired by the poetry they received.
In addition 50 poets were randomly assigned artwork
to create a new poem inspired by the artwork they received.
The stars must have aligned for me,
because the poem I received was so beautifully written
and visually appealing in my mind.
It fit my genre of work so well
and I am blessed to have had this opportunity
to create work inspired by Dianne’s poetry.
The piece above, “Mother Nurture” was in response to the following poem by Dianne Woods Ashley.

Animal Nights

2 a.m.

Nursing my baby

a state of oneness

even whispering is distance

We look at each other

just as the wide-eyed

snowy owl once stared at me

Yes you        Yes us.

3 a.m.

We are hibernating bears

talking asleep

our words have humorous  illogic

as we climb into each other’s


4 a.m.

Nights sleeping beside him

gradually my breast

awakens to an enveloping  molasses

dark sweetness reaches up

to the muscle in my neck and

spreads down to the bones of my  ankle.

And a white mare gallops by.

6 a.m.


I long to return to my life.

-by   Dianne Woods Ashley

“Mutual Muses VI: A Marriage of Visual Art and Poetry”
featured the work of 100 of the Cape’s finest painters, photographers, artisans, and poets inspired by one another’s creations.
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