Pleiades: Freeing The Light_ Sculpture

This piece was originally created as part of the spring 2014 show, ALL ABOUT sEVEn:Tessa DAgostino_Freeing the Light_sculpture

~;~ A Multi-media Exhibit at the Cape Museum of Art consisting of 49 Cape Women Artists

For this show I was randomly assigned to be a part of the group themed ” Seven Sisters, Pleiades Constellation”.  Below is a piece of my writing and a slide show of my sculpture “Freeing The Light” that I created inspired by this theme.

“For many ancient, indigenous cultures Pleiades was a source of timekeeping and also helped predict a season’s harvest. From the perspective of an ancient tribesperson, I could only imagine ceremoniously looking up for guidance, to find one these stars missing. This sculpture embodies the deep spiritual energy of paying homage to this fallen star.” -Tessa D’Agostino


This exhibition showcased the work of 49 women from across the Cape, working in a variety of media: painting, printmaking, glass, fiber, mixed media, sculpture, encaustic, and conceptual. The women ranged in age from 22-82 and included both emerging and well-established artists.

Seven groups of seven spent a full year working on their selected themes on which they based their work. The seven themes were: Seven Sisters, Pleiades Constellation; Seven Deadly Sins or Not; Seven Elements; Seventh Generation from Native American lore; Seven Intentions; Seven Colors of the Visible Spectrum; Formal 7.

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