The Aquatic Woodland Series – Conceptual Writing/Evolving Body of Work

Tessa D'Agostino_Aquatic Woodland Series_ Divonian Creature_Found Materials Assemblage_55inWx58inHx12inD_$1,300.00

Aquatic Woodland Series; Devonian Creature I_ found materials assemblage_55inWx58inHx12inD

“The Aquatic Woodland Series” is an evolving documentation of strange creatures that existed in ancient times. Over three million years ago, around the Devonian era, many strange, undocumented creatures once existed. This was a time when creatures had primarily lived in water as there was not much land to consider inhabiting. However, as atmospheric changes took place, more water was evaporating into Earth’s weather patterns causing more exposed land. With more land space exposed, more plants began to grow. Consequently, as plants grew larger and more expansive, more water was being used by the plants to sustain life on land.  With a source of vegetation now spreading through the land, creatures of the sea now had a food source growing in an unknown, new environment.  Slowly creatures of the sea began to evolve, mutating into a variety of strange forms as they tested for land survival or in some cases land and sea.

Today, the same ancient waters that existed back then still exist today. These water molecules have been spreading through the land and all it’s living things for millions of years. With the population of so many species expanding for all those years, more and more water was being used to sustain life, and therefore again, more land exposed. Interestingly, some of the most ancient waters exist in plants, for they were the original land carriers of the ancient waters. Water traveled through the land’s hidden veins as plants sponged it up from the ground into their fleshy bodies. As land creatures began to eat these plants, the ancient waters passed through them, their offspring and so on.

Trees are said to hold the most ancient of all waters. With their grand size and long life span, the ancient waters have been contained in the masses and passed along through millions of years by seed. Also, with such deep root growth, trees can still tap the ancient water channels deep within the earth. These channels become more and more fine over the years from population expansion and use. The ancient water channels today are merely the size of thin hairs running expansively through the land. The tree has special, microscopic cilia hairs on their roots that are the only penetrable form able to connect to the ancient channels.  The trees today that you see in your back yard, are actually the most ancient record keepers of our time.

As trees drop their limbs to the ground, they are actually shedding ancient data that has been carried on from the ancient water channels of the Earth. One day as I was creating my wood and wire sculptures, I suddenly began to see strange aquatic creatures both in my physical work and in my imagination. These creatures were sometimes land animal like, but yet always seemed to have a fin, or other sea adaptations still with them. The more I explored this work, the more the fallen tree limbs began to speak to me. It seems the ancient waters may have been passed into me from some source and now the ancient codes in me are attracting to ancient codes carried in the trees.  Through this process and intuitive knowledge, I have now become an ancient code readers selected by the trees to tell the ancient stories of earthly existence.

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