Woman in Branches – Mother and Child : The First Wood & Wire Sculpture 2007

Woman in Branches began as an autobiographical piece in 2007 and has grown into much more over the years including more recent artistic narration titling the piece as Mother and Child. I have always identified with the natural world as a sacred and soulful foundation to who I am and how I exist. I also have a deep interest in physics and science and often study nature and energy as an interconnected part of the whole; I am nature, we are nature. (read more below slideshow)

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This woman made of branches is life size to my proportions (5ft2″) and has been continually documented throughout different settings both indoors and outdoors. She has been documented outside through the seasons and has been a part of many shows over the past 10 years. She has even had a baby…In 2012 when creating the installation, Collective Unity: An Infinite Matter of Spatial Existence,  Women in Branches became Mother and Child. In creating the installation there was sense of domestic portrayal needed, and in representation I created a baby wrapped in a papoose for her.

How did this all start back  in 2007?  While I was in my final semester at the School of The Museum of Fine Arts Boston instead of working in the studio I worked across the street from the school around a pond and park.  I bound together branches I found throughout the park using wire and vines and worked through all weather conditions.  After considering how many class hours I had attended that semester, I estimate  this piece took me 40 hours.  This is the first life size figurative piece I created using my wood and wire technique. I now build anything that comes to mind with this self developed building technique and have created many indoor and outdoor commissions since.

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