Installation: Collective Unity, An Infinite Matter of Spatial Existence

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 Conceptual Statement:        

 Far from human perception lies the true essence of existence. Often humanbeings distract from this phenomenon we call life, in what seems to be an effort to forget the infinitely unanswered question, why are we even here to begin with? This absolute raw foundation is where most spiritual development is built upon. Most human beings hope to lessen fears of not knowing exactly what lies beyond this physical existence. Often, human beings take pride in their religions to find this peace and certainty of eternal being. I have respect for all religions that exhibit good moral and respect for all things, however spiritually I find solace in the depths of physics. Although I am not a religious person, I do exhibit and follow my own set of spiritual beliefs and moral. Like many religions, I believe in a greater force and divine existence, but these spiritual beliefs are heavily supported by branches of physics and metaphysics. While Physics is the study of matter and energy, metaphysics is branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of existence.

In science life has many facets of dissection; some animalistic, some microscopic, some theoretical. All however are mirrors of each other. Once we delve into concepts of physics, we learn all in existence is comprised of the same foundation. In this foundation, different molecular organizations reflect different forms.

In physics, we also learn energy exists in the atomic and subatomic matter of all things. Everything is comprised of atoms yet different atomic combinations to create what you see before you. So think, the walls in this room, the artwork, yourself, nature, machines, they are all comprised of atoms. This is in one sense the underlying link between all things. Also consider this, each atom is mostly comprised out of empty space. Therefore, all matter, no matter how dense or how heavy, is mostly empty space. For myself, this space is the fuel of my work. It’s the foundation to all things I create. The concept of everything being connected through this avenue of atomic space creates a stunning reality; things only appear separate from each other but really are not.

Furthering this idea, energetically this means that all things living and non-living are effecting everything else. In quantum physics, science states that every object has an energy vibration. This vibration varies, creating different frequencies that emanate beyond its current space infinitely much as a light beam. This then relates to the law of attraction which states that whatever frequency is vibrated by anything (which in essence can be a thought, an idea, a state of being, ) will attract the same vibration back in equal or greater value.

So how does all this relate to my wood and wire work?

It begins with my fascination of all things being connected by the foundation of natural law. I am incredibly intrigued by the workings of nature, the universe, physics, metaphysics, and spirituality. The wood and wire sculpture work represents the human/nature relationship. Human beings will always pull from the natural state of the planet to use it as sources for their survival. Although I am not using nature for survival in my artwork, I am using nature and re-organizing it in artistic form. Also, I use steel wire in the work which is a direct distinction of the human hand being involved. There is always a tug of war here in the work. Nature itself is pure and perfect, yet to conceptually show it and make it known to a wider audience, I must display it in wide array.

I also use wood and wire figuratively to show reference to the human/nature relationship. The idea that we are no different than our environment is incredible. The family I have created out of wood and wire is a quite literal representation of this. As the human species becomes more and more environmentally conscious, we are learning that what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves and future generations. This also relates to the law of attraction mentioned above. For if we neglect to treat our Earth well, we are neglecting the well being of ourselves.

Overall, I have created an environment of human like assortments yet all comprised of nature to display the oneness of our existence. It is interesting to think we often refer to nature as something separate from ourselves, yet we are part of the whole. The human species is no better, nor more important than the tree, the ant, or the microscopic organisms and molecular structures that caused life to be in the first place. In fact, the only reason we are even able to breath the air on this Earth is because of the trees and plants on it. The only reason we are able to obtain food is because of the sun, the rain, the soil and all the insects that aid in pollination. Our life is the conglomeratic effort of all that surrounds. If one can live in this conscious state of appreciation, aware of all existential efforts for their own existence, than perhaps collectively we would all be happier and healthier. -Tessa D’Agostino

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